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I mean there are so many beautiful amazing things that happen every day that sound crazy, think about it if I had to explain the miracle of how babies are born to someone who didn’t know wouldn’t I sound insane? Stars, I heard that when a star explodes the dust they find is the same thing that makes up humans, animals, the entire universe, how amazing is that? The same stardust is in everything and everyone, me, you, even Christopher Columbus. You know in his day some people still thought the world was flat, Columbus said it was round and people thought he was crazy. Look I know there’s always gonna be doubters but it just takes someone who thinks ‘why can’t it be true?’ to truly change the world, and I am one of those people. So how can you sit there on this planet made of stardust, that was once thought to be flat and still not think that anything is possible?
Sue Heck (The Middle, Halloween IV: The Ghost Story) 
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#Sue Heck #The Middle #omg i love this #yes i sat and typed out the quote whilst watching the episode #mike's response though

natalie dormer does the als ice bucket challenge (donate here)

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when ur tryin to tell a story but people talk over you


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why did I leave everything to the last week of the holidays
—a memoir by me (via lightmangopudding)

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